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  • Are race shirts unisex or men/women?

         The shirts are unisex.


  • Can I exchange my race shirt?

         Shirt Exchange is ONLY available on Sunday morning, at Gear Check (located in festival area near registration desk).


  • Are there age restrictions on any of the events?

         13 years old is the recommended minimum age for the 10km run.  Children younger than 13 must be accompanied by an adult for all races.


  • When is Package Pick-up?

         Time and location will be announce at a later date.


  • Are there restrictions on how I can participate?

         No roller blades, support vehicles, pets, or cyclists allowed.


  • Can I run with my stroller?

        Strollers are only allowed in the 5km Run/Walk event. Participants with strollers will be placed at the back of the group, and asked to stay on the outside of runners(either to the right or left).


  • Is there a gear check?

         Yes, gear check will open at 7:30 am. You will be given a bag and label, please write your bib # on the label and ensure all of your belongings are placed inside and marked clearly with your bib #. Please note all items not claimed by 11:00 am will be donated to charity.


  • Will there be a lost & found?

         Yes, it will be at gear check on Sunday morning. Please note all items not claimed by 11:00 a.m. will be donated to charity.





  • Are there restrictions on how I can participate?

         For Sunday events, no running strollers, roller blades, support vehicles, escort runners, pets, or cyclists allowed.


  • Can I run with my stroller?

         Strollers are only allowed in the 5km Run/Walk event. Participants with strollers will be placed at the back of the group, and asked to stay on the outside of runners (either to the right or left).


  • How frequent are the mile or kilometer markers?

         Every 1km.


  • Will roads or transit be impacted?



  • What will be offered at the aid stations?



  • Where are the washrooms located?

         Washrooms will be provided at the Start/Finish area.  There are also a number of washrooms throughout Wilket Creek Park.


  • Are headphones allowed on course?

         Runner safety is our #1 priority. If listening to music prevents, or jeopardizes any runner safety you may be disqualified from the race.





  • If I can’t make the race can I get a refund?

         No, there are no refunds for the race.


  • Can I transfer my bib to another person?



  • Can I transfer to another distance?

         To transfer to another distance, please request to

         To transfer to a lesser distance there is no fee for this.  However, note the difference in registrations fees is non-refundable.

         If you want to transfer up in distance, you will have to pay the difference in registration fees.





  • Which events are timed?

         The 10km, 5km run/walk.


  • What is the difference between chip time and gun time?

        Chip timing is able to register with the mats at the start and finish line; therefore, it gives you a time that reflects the true distance you ran. However, chip timing is only for personal interest; it is not used for official results. Here is a quick “official” response to this question:  According to IAAF rules, race results and awards should be based on official time or GUN TIME (the time from the start gun to the crossing of the finish line). They should not be based on net times found by subtracting the time of crossing the start mat from the time of crossing the finish mat, if chip timing is used with a start mat.

        Chip times can be displayed on the official results as well as the gun times, but should not be used to sort the finishers.  Running is a true sport and the “winners” are decided by whomever gets to the finish line first, regardless of the exact time you cross the start mat. Any athlete that believes they can win overall or age group should make the effort to be close to the start line.


  • Do I have to return my timing chip?

         Yes, we will have volunteer collect it at the finish line.


  • Could there be a discrepancy between the Gun Time and my GPS?

         Yes, there could be; a distance discrepancy could be the results of a number of things: Runners may add distance by starting back of the start line, tend to take longer turns, water stops, inexperience of the course, softer side or cant on the roadway or not consistently running a straight line.

         Consumer grade GPS units take readings which can be plotted on a graph, the readings can be every 1 to 20 seconds. The readings are affected by satellite position, signal noise, natural barriers or where/how your GPS unit is held (e.g. on your arm). GPS units are listed as accurate within 3-10m, this applies throughout the course of readings. Road race courses are measured using a calibrated mechanical counter measuring the 'shortest possible route’ (SPR). Multiple measures are compared to ensure accuracy. Over the total distance it is common to have a GPS register a distance longer than the measured distance.


  • When and Where will results be posted?

        Results will be posted online through   There will also be a link on the main page of this website.





  • How can I Volunteer?

         You can send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator at:

         You can also register online at: